La ruta de la Miel Quipile, it is attractive innovative agro-ecotourism, something that is a lot more extraordinary than curative properties that the honey has, it is to live the experience inside the beehive. the forest flowersinside the sidewalk Sinai join the pure water from la quebrada La Aguilita, show an amount of nectar and pollen unique to the bees can transform in the most purest, delicious and energy food that came from the nature, the honey bees.

La Ruta de la Miel, in the Quipile state, want to carry the honey one step further. The company opt to the beetourists will be witnesses of the magical origin from the beehive products, Live inside together with the beekeepers and Quipile’s guides an unique experience in the perfect habitat to bees, in a place by close to 20 years haven’t been tapped by the human.

Down the real roads, the visitors learn about the bee’s rol in the nature balance, the beekeeping as a profitable, sustainable system, the importance to give a value added to the agricultural products and the need to come back to our roots, the countryside in Colombia. Also, the visitors can surprise with the beautiful landscapes and impressive viewpoints that show a biodiversity in the land.

During the tour the bee tourists purchase knowledge, they live a day of adventure, breathe pure air while they practice mountain hiking, they consume food that the receipt is own of the grandma that preserve the traditional cooking on wood stove and come back after to their houses with the certitude to return here. It is a good plan to the companies, schools and nature’ lovers. Quibee La Ruta de la Miel in Quipile exposes a state with a fascinating potential to sustainable tourism.